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I’ve been thinking in the space of conscious curiosity. Now, before I say anything, let me be clear. I know nothing. 

If you like what I’m saying, or you don’t. It’s ok.

If you watch the news, it is clear that we are hurdling to hell in a basket, riding a rocket built by bored (board) billionaires. And though many think that we are facing the end of times, I suspect that unless there is a catastrophic event such as meteor blasting through our planet, this isn’t the end.

Now, before you start attacking me, or labelling me right wing or left, i will cop to neither. I’m building my thoughts using the foundation blocks of our history as humans. We are like ants. Or perhaps cockroaches.

A dear friend of mine once laughingly said humans are a cancer on the earth. But I took the debate from the other side. I responded that we were more closely aligned to the rabbits which were imported to Australia. Rabbits are not native to Australia. So when rabbits were introduced to Australia, they did what rabbits do. And they did it very well. Too well perhaps. The environmental and economic damage they wrought on on the continent was profound.

Was it the rabbit’s fault? No. They were innocents in the wrong space, invited, but ultimately cast as villains.

I think the earth will survive all the toxic waste aspects of humans. 

Now if you are about to light up like rabid-knower-of-truth, don’t. I’m not telling you that you must believe what I’m saying. It will make no difference to me. 

Side note: Most truth is unknowable. And just when you think you have captured truth - like quicksilver, it shifts and changes. There is a wonderful book titled, If You See Buddha On The Road Kill Him, written by Sheldon B Koop. Google it. You can google anything.

Buddha warned his students to move with curiosity through life, but always hold a little suspicion that whoever was purporting that they knew truth - they should distrust the truth-sayers on sight. Truth is slippery. 

Truth is contextual. Truth is a shape shifter. If it wasn’t, there would be no wars. We are moved to great and horrific acts, fully convinced that we alone wave the flag of truth. That’s called righteousness. 

And that is where the wheels fall off. 

Righteousness is a poisonous tower. But you can’t look down on others if you are walking on the same dusty earth. And it feels so good to believe that you are more worthy than those poor ignorant souls, mucking through the dirt and grime of life. 

You don’t have to be in the coveted 1% of humanity to want that security of living in a state of righteousness. First world humanity afterall, built nations supported by their right to be righteous. 

Now, you see, I am afflicted with what I like to call, the-dirty-dharma-boots-on-the-ground-. I’m a existentialist philosopher of sorts. Not all lot of work for phylosophers on Indeed. I’m purely amateur. So no reason to feel threatened or approving if you play the same game as I.

We are living in hard times right now. And it’s going to get harder. Each team of humanity is bringing their own brand of truth-sayers to the field. And they’re all yelling so loud that neither can hear the other. We are in the process of watching the fall of mighty empires. The colonies are running to referendums to pull away from the English monarchy. The US is anything but united. 

do think it is ironic that a country ever touting the right to free speech, is so quick to arm themselves to shoot down anyone who speaks a different truth. They sit back and yell that “evil corrupt minds” have stepped on their constitutional rights. This is the constitution which historically and conveniently overlooked the constitutional rights of others who didn’t look like them.

Yes. Give me your weak, your weary… but only inso far as they look and speak my truth.

How did opinions become truth? And where is there a space for healthy, respectful debate? What will we ever learn if we surround ourselves with sycophants? Is the tower of truth and righteousness filled up with no thinkers? Do we hire only those who stroke our ego and shower us with false love? If so, it is a matter of generations before the tower crumbles and the naked emperor exits.

We are witnessing the fall of empires all around us. This one thinks it will remain in power by annexing another. That one over there thinks it can crush those who have a different faith. They call it re-education. We call it human rights violations. We are so very polite in our PC speak. So very corse in our ways. And before you try to tell me that our (North Americans) hands are clean - well, you had better check yourself. We are as dirty and debauched as all and any of the others. One has only to read of the atrocities Canadians have perpetrated on the Indigenous and First Nations in the name of truth and righteousness.

We are rank with guilt and shame, and should be. 

We are a nation of duplicitous conmen trying to outsmart the other with audacious greed and ignorance.

But this is not the first time we have seen this story. It is a story repeated over and over.

Difficult times build strong minds. Minds which understands the need for compassion. If a thing as tiny as a rabbit can wreak such havoc on Australia, it’s not a long hop, skip and a jump to connect the dots. Our rabbit is our unwavering belief that we are right. 

Now I am not going to get into a debate wit thohse who don’t believe in this current state of affairs any more than I would hope to effect change on the beliefs of a Flat Earther.

Whether we approach this (frankly I would call it a shit show) from a place of denial, or looking for the tower to blame - time’s a-wasting. Our forests are burning, our glaciers of melting away. Perhaps we will react when we see polar bears rooting in our garbage bins; but I doubt it. The polar bears, and many other native species will not survive this. Polar bears, having no ice flows on which allow for hunting seals, will have starved to death. And if you think that doesn’t matter. Look no further than the plight of the bumblebee. Without the humble bumble, the pollinators of our fruits and vegetables, well - they also go the way of the polar bear. And then so shall we. 

The idea that we, who had a hand in making much of this mess, will not be here to feel the wrath of Mother earth. If this scares you, and it should, ask yourself what part you play is this precarious moment in time. If you believe yourself to be innocent, stop reading right now. 

Good riddance, I will say. You see, are not a bumblebee, polar bear or rabbit. You wear the mask of a wasp - tunnelling into the body of its prey, laying its progeny, to eat the host then when that host is all used up, you‘re groping in the dark for the next victim to suck dry. Vanity rockets and legacy campaigns; boasting of your triumphs, posting your beautiful trophy elephants, giraffes or whatever you fancy as your’s to take - firing your gluttony all over IG, FB… or whatever method you use to preen and display you lack of compassion.

But we have seen this over and over again. We are simply playing the same righteous game of towers and truth - the same as always we have. Perhaps the colours on our flags of truth have changed. But we haven’t.

Difficult times form strong minds. Strong minds are in constant search for truth and betterment. But minds created from challenging times has within  it’s very DNA, a gene which often skips a generation or three. It is the holder of compassion - compassion for all. And this is hope.

We have bred out that gene by now and we are governed by week minds, lacking in sense and compassion. We are like the fourth generation of the 1%. The grandfather is a self made man, building himself up from the dust and muck. Builds a compassionate empire.

The child of the self made man saw his father’s struggle. He vows to never feel hunger again. And nobly protects the life that his father has built for him. And when that King dies, the heir to the thrown, takes a seat on the board, has no real interest in the work of the kingdom, but enjoys the privileges if provides and steps into his rightful place… The next generation - well do what they have always done. they pisses it all away.

And this is where we are now. So yes. kingdoms and empires fall all the time. But we are now aware of the vanishing skyline of towers through improvements (?) in communication. Someone is watching you right now. Don’t believe me. We will pay much for the pleasure of our distraction.

We will watch the emperors and kings being sent to jail and smile at their moment of comeuppance. Oh we do love to worship them, then sharpen our teeth on their bones. And there will be scars and gapping sores remaining. And that is what we will call home. But it is those very challenging times which most certainly await us, that will save us. We, that is whoever remains, perhaps the Elon Musks of the world, destroying the planet with each toy rocket sent into space, or the farmer in Pakistan, nearly destroyed but catastrophic environmental category 12 results of this toxic space we have created.

Whoever survives the arrogance and entitled corruption of our kingdom, will be forced to persevere and develop strong minds. And they will not only inherit the pustulant result of our existence, they will inherit the compassion gene. And a new kingdom will rise. And benevolent kings and queens will rule us. We will trust in their fearless willingness to survive inspite of all. 

But don’t worry. We’ll f*ck that up too. It’s in our nature. We are in the final days of oligarchs and conmen. We gave them our money and trust. Then we became board with having keep a watchful eye. We will again fail to see the insidious corruption wrapping its coils round our neck again.

Yes. This is our nature. But please don’t worry. We likely won’t be here to witness it. The polar bear effect will end our legacy. Our legacy will be the scars we have made, like the lines on a map telling us which kingdom speaks our truth.

But the earth will survive us. She will limp on a millennium or two more. I for one, am glad that I will be long gone, taking my sense of entitlement and weakness with me.
All hail the new king. Word to the wise - best keep an eye on that king. There’s something shifty about him. And if you see buddha on the road - kill him.
When the floodgates open and all the boats rise up equally. We are in the place we are because we can’t help ourselves from closing the doors of the lock to bar the entrance to anyone that is considered other.

All hail the new king. He will arrive through a revolving door. Look to the cloud for photos of his coming.
For my part, i will try to persuade and coax that compassion gene. I think that hope grows in compassion. And that is what i can do. i live with the other bumbles, bears and rabbits. No above. Not below. But equal in all measure. And sharing the same right - the right to exist.